Hi Wikimedia-l and Wikitech-l,

Keeping in mind the large numbers of subscribers on some Wikimedia email
lists, the endless valuable uses for the time of knowledgeable volunteer
Wikimedians, the significant financial costs for the time of many of the
staff and contractors on these mailing lists, and how packed calendars can
be, I propose that we implement a few social norms/guidelines for
Wikimedia-l and Wikitech-l in particular.

1. When planning to have a one-time public meeting, announce it at least 14
days in advance to give everyone who might like to participate that much
lead time to clear space on their calendars. Rarely is a one-time public
meeting so urgent that it cannot wait 14 days from the day that it is

2. Send a maximum of one reminder email regarding a one-time public
meeting, and also send a maximum of one reminder email regarding events
with deadlines such as Wikimania scholarship submissions or conference
presentation proposals. More than one reminder about a meeting or deadline
is excessive.

3. If extending a deadline, send only an announcement of the extension with
no additional reminder.

4. Send only one email to announce a recurring weekly meeting, with no
additional reminders. Meetings which recur less often, such as biweekly or
monthly, may continue to be announced with one additional reminder.

At this time these are proposals only. Comments are welcome. If the
comments become extensive then I may request that we move the conversation
to Meta.

Thank you,

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