Did you see the sustainability report that was published yesterday [1]
[2]? Page 30 of the PDF has some numbers on business travel by air –
some 5.6 million km in total, by the looks of it. Page 32 also shows
that the carbon footprint of air travel is about half that of the
electricity used by the Foundation’s data centers.



On 20.09.19 15:23, Fæ wrote:
> Nice to see that https://wikimediafoundation.org has a banner linking
> to the global climate strike today.
> Can anyone produce some verifiable metrics that the WMF has taken
> significant action to reduce the total number of aircraft flights the
> WMF uses?
> I am asking as though there are no transparently published figures for
> how much the WMF spends on air travel, I recall that the Katherine
> Mahler was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, where is was part
> of her impressive executive profile to be "on the road" for 200 days
> of the year. This probably puts Katherine in the very top numbers for
> CEOs with damaging carbon footprints resulting from travelling so
> often by flying.[1] If the WMF wants to be seen as an ethical company
> when it comes to reducing their organizational impact on climate
> change, perhaps this could start with publishing travel figures for
> the CEO and the rest of the management team, so that everyone can see
> whether there is year on year improvement, or none.
> Thanks again for the banner, it does help increase the sense of urgency.
> Links:
> 1. 
> https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-the-35-year-old-executive-director-of-wikimedia-travels-1529588701
> Fae

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