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In fact, there are countless offset projects in the $1-$15/tonne range, as

The total offsetting budget would not need to be too enourmous, yet it
could be impactful.

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Hello Bence,

Very nice, thank you to have shared the link.

I have picked a project in Malawi to replace cooking fires with a fuel efficient stove:


There are even progress reports:

If I got it right, they have 38 000 tonnes per year at $8.50 for a total of $323 000.

Given the foundation emitted 2100 tonnes in a year, that would cover 18 years of emission! For an extra few thousands we could probably have a Wikipedia sticker on the stoves to raise awareness ;-]

In short, I am a bit amazed at how "cheap" it is to offset a tonne of CO2 as well as how "little" the foundation generates.

Antoine "hashar" Musso

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