This has been on our departments' minds for the past few months. Since the
beginning of the pandemic, we have been changing our campaign schedules
(including shortening the Italian campaign) and steadily revising our
messaging. We are closely monitoring reader and donor feedback, responding
to what we hear, and making adjustments as we go. There is a lot of
interest in fundraising right now and how we adapt in the current
environment and going forward (including amongst Affiliates and closely
related external orgs whom we talk to). It’s uncertain when things will go
back to “normal” so it is important we start learning how to fundraise in
this environment. We are working on a plan to share more information and
updates. Our team is working with limited capacity right now so these
deeper updates may not happen right away, but we are making this a priority.

We'd also like to acknowledge GerardM’s point about giving people an
opportunity to give, and note that we’re also hearing this from some donors
- Some are giving because they are now realizing the huge value of the
projects. These are some examples we can share:

"I was prompted quite a few times to donate but so far I always rejected
even if it didn't feel right. Probably this virus situation made me more
aware of my environment; what's important and what's not."

"I give because I appreciate that there is even a Wikipedia. Solid
information ties in with our hope and is key to calming these uncertain
times. Thanks again. Stay well and safe."

"We need Wikipedia, and if everyone give some, well you know... In Norway
we have a special word for this act... "dugnad" (when everyone contributes,
it will not be so big efforts for a few) Like we have this corona situation
now. We must help each other, take care of each other, and do what the
governments tell us to do. Then the virus will go away much faster."

"I really got into the Internet in 1995 with my 1st home PC…I never thought
that one day, the global network would be our life-saving resource facing a
global health crisis...You and all the Wikimedia teams do a TERRIFIC work.
Wikipedia is the single most important website."

I hope that helps.

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 8:47 AM Gerard Meijssen <>

> Hoi,
> To me this is similar to the argument why we do not really raise funds in
> some countries that "are poor". Some people are poor, certainly, but many
> others are not. The argument that we can afford has a relation to our
> aspirations, ambitions what can we do better, more particularly in the
> countries where people are stuck in their homes. If anything this is the
> time to adapt to changing circumstances. People are at home, there is this
> "captive audience" with many people that are helped mentally when they have
> something worthwhile to do.
> We can reach out for readers, editors and donors.
> Thanks,
>        GerardM
> On Tue, 5 May 2020 at 14:58, WereSpielChequers <
> wrote:
> > Given the large reserves that the WMF carries, and the savings from
> > cancelling events such as Wikimania 2020, I would have thought that the
> > was one organisation that could afford to pause its fundraising for a few
> > months. At least in countries where the economy is in freefall.
> >
> > In a few months time lots of people will still be in a financial mess.
> But
> > the large number of people who are currently going to be worried about
> > their financial future will hopefully be divided into those who have kept
> > their jobs. or got new ones and those who were right to be worried.
> > Hopefully some of those who come through this financially OK will be in a
> > position to donate.
> >
> > WSC
> >
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