Thanks for the advice, Tom. :-) The wife of one of the Wikimedia Foundation
staff works at USGS, and she's coming to the Foundation soon to talk about
earthquake preparedness. It's definitely a good idea for all of us to be
thinking about this.


On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 5:52 AM, Tom Mayer <> wrote:

> My partner and I will be away on Feb. 6, hope to attend another Meetup in
> the future. And Wikimania sounds great, closer to SF and to public transit
> is better. (Sorry to be an SF ''chauvinist''.)
> Editorial Comment -- Hopefully, the Wikimedia Board has contingency plans
> now that they've moved from FL to SF . . :)
> I've been boring friends with this for three years, so take with as many
> grains as salt as you like. (And this has nothing to do with the current
> events in Haiti and Eureka CA . .)
> Since November 2006, now more than 3 years ago, there have been small
> quakes every day in increasing numbers near Alum Rock Park, just outside of
> San Jose. There was a 4 on 10-30-2007 and another 3.5 a couple of weeks ago.
> This is where the Hayward and Calaveras faults meet (5 miles or so
> underground) --and where there hasn't been a major quake since 1868, so it's
> ''overdue''. (Nothing to see on, for instance, the Craigslist link to
> quakes, since the USGS map ''rolls over'' every few days. And nothing in the
> media, since most are small, no one pays attention to cumulative effect, and
> there is no recognized way to predict equakes.)
> Always a good idea to check out or to review
> your plans . . . whether this current series equakes increases or fades
> away. I've lived here 33 years, and this is the first time I've seen a
> pattern like this.
> Tom Mayer

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