SJ, thanks for your much better-informed post, ours crossed in the mail, I'd 
have left it to you if I knew that was coming!

To all, I would suggest you ignore my post in deference to his. I do want to 
say, I think you've misunderstood me in a couple places (probably my fault for 
not being clear) -- most significantly, it wasn't my intent to judge anyone, or 
or make assumptions about what they say; overall, I was really just trying to 
make the same point you did (that chapters are not the only way to organize), 
only I did it much less eloquently.

Again though, to all -- the best thing would probably be to ignore my post, as 
the one SJ wrote about the same time covers the issue much better.


On Dec 19, 2012, at 5:09 PM, Samuel Klein wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 7:58 PM, Pete Forsyth <> wrote:
> * Chapters historically came into existence to (1) process donations in local 
> currency and (2) deal with local legal issues
> I would say it is more
> (3) provide an organization that could handle local partnerships and 
> communication: with content and promotion and other targeted projects.  The 
> sort of thing that the WMF explicitly leaves to other entities, by virtue of 
> not accepting targeted donations.
> * The difficulty of forming a chapter that doesn't conform to legal borders 
> has caused tension in recent years
> This was feared but has not been true in practice.   (It was an issue of 
> forming an incorporated entity, period, not specific to a chapter.)  
> * The WMF Board and many in the community are aware and concerned about this
> Not sure...  concerned about what here?  The explicit recognition of other 
> entities was to avoid forcing groups into a narrow mould in order to be 
> recognized as a stable part of the movement.  It wasn't in response to issues 
> with geographic groups that weren't national; it was in to recognize the 
> majority of groups that are not geographic at all.
> * The general solution is not so much to adapt the Chapter model to fit other 
> cases, as to establish that other cases are fine *without* carrying the name 
> "chapter".
> The Wikimedia movement has a new approach to funds dissemination; being a 
> chapter is not the only way to get grants or put the name "Wikipedia" (or 
> "Wikimedia" etc.) to good use.
> Yes.
> In other words, just because the CHAPTERS committee
> There is no longer a chapters committee; it is now the Affiliations Committee 
> :)  And please don't judge what they /might/ think; just ask them.
> SJ
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