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> In the past, I have informally asked Chapter Committee members about the 
> possibility of a chapter like this. I was told with no equivocation that 
> chapters which officially spanned multiple municipalities were forbidden, and 
> that we could have a Wikimedia Oregon, Washington, or California only because 
> we would have to pick a state in which to become officially incorporated in 
> and be responsible for. 

I have to say, this is the kind of nonsense that has personally caused me to 
reduce my participation in Wikipedia and gives the organization an unfriendly 
reputation on the Net and discourages new members. 

Why on earth should there be arbitrary and restrictive rules about the 
geographical composition of local chapters of an informal volunteer 
organization?  There are no legal or financial stakes, the issue of 
"municipalities" is an irrelevant triviality, and it just serves to annoy 

Michael C. Berch
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