San Jose State University Library is hosting an open access conference in
October (but proposals are due August 1 for the formal portion of the
conference). Could be of interest to local Wikipedians and other fans of
all things open... it would be great for our community to submit some
proposals, as library events rarely feature people who are deeply involved
in and really understand open projects, open licensing, etc.

-- phoebe

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Promote, Impact, Assess

Reminder - Proposals Due August 1st!

Apologies for cross-posting. Please feel free to forward or link to this
call for proposals.

Open Access Un/Conference: Promote, Impact, Assess
San Jose State University, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
October 25, 2013
Call For Proposals

Final deadline for submission: August 1, 2013 .

In celebration of Open Access Week, San Jose State University will be
hosting a one-day conference October 25, 2013 on all things Open: Open
Access, Open Resources, Open Education. This event will be a dynamic
combination of formal refereed conference and informal unconference.

Unconferencing provides "a participant-guided experience that actually
brings the unstructured conversations people usually have between
conference sessions into the conference itself. Unlike most conferences
where a group of leaders determine what will be discussed, the participants
make those decisions at an unconferenceā€ (American Library Association,

For the formal conference sessions , we are interested in any and all
topics related to:

    * Open access publishing and institutional repositories
    * Sustainability, scalability, and assessment of open access
    * Open educational resources and open access applications in the
    * Massive open online courses (MOOCs) - copyright issues, assessment,
    * Outreach, promotion, and overcoming resistance to open initiatives

We will consider proposals for individual presentations and panels
organized around a theme. Presentations are scheduled for either 60 minutes
or 30 minutes. In the final program, 30-minute sessions will be paired.

To submit a proposal for the formal conference, please go to:

For the unconference discussion sessions , participants will build the
agenda through the registration process and actively contribute to the
conference as facilitators, presenters, note takers, and commentators. We
welcome those interested in brainstorming big ideas and moving discussions
beyond the walls of their library.

To propose unconference discussion topics, please go to:
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