The session on copyright might be particularly useful to video tape and post on 
YouTube or some other video forum



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I note that I would be really surprised if people from CC aren'tplanning to 
participate, but this is the first I've seen of theconference so far--I should 
coordinate with people to figure out whois going. (Tim, are you on this list?) 
But it might be fun to do alegal session with a bunch of lawyers in different 
aspects of thefield (OK, my idea of "fun" may be broken).FWIW, there is a 
"copyright help" expo booth at ALA every year--if yourecall Lucy's psychiatric 
help booth from the Peanuts comics, meant tobe rather like that--where people 
come up throughout with theirquestions, staffed by the more 
copyright-knowledgeable members. It'snot, strictly speaking, *popular*, but 
probably useful. I could see asession on copyright, OER, and institutional 
repositories--perhaps onewhere people submit questions beforehand, giving 
presenters time to 1)select the most popular and 2) prepare...-Kat-- Your 
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