Sue, great. Do you have a sense of what your sources will be? I'm thinking that we could have some "reference materials" in the room on our topics. In addition, BPL has some journal subscriptions that might be useful. (SFPL has more, if you have a library card with them.)

I know what you mean about "actually editing." Sometimes you don't get much done, but I find I do get a lot of stimulation for later edits.


On 8/26/13 11:44 AM, Sue Gardner wrote:
I'm planning to come, and I'm going to try to edit on some trans topics
("gender identity disorder" and stuff like that), since they are
presumably getting a lot of traffic these days, and the articles aren't
very good.

(That said, my track record of actually editing at an editathon is
pretty poor: I mostly end up talking or hanging out, not editing. But I
am going to try.)


On Aug 25, 2013 3:00 PM, "Kevin Gorman" <
<>> wrote:

    I would be more than happy to provide an intro in that slot - I've
    done a lot of similar presentations for education program events and
    for editathons.  I usually use as my basic
    handout type thing; it can be printed out, but we can also just give
    people the link (since presumably everyone will have a laptop with
    them.)  There are a few others floating around, but I think
    WP:CHEATSHEET is the easiest/most compact to use.

    I'll also try to come up with some possible topics and add them to
    the editathon page within the next few days.

    Kevin Gorman

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