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> OK, I'm reviving this dead thread… but they're rolling in this weekend.  
> So, it sounds like the plan is too meet the train (18:38 local time… in 
> Denver), then take the group out to dinner afterwards.  
> Could I please get a rough head count (I'll be posting on Wikipedia too … ) 
> of how many people are going to be there?  Carpooling is possible, but we 
> need to co-ordinate that soon.  
I won't be able to make it :-(. I've got a proposal due Saturday night, and it 
looks like we're going to be editing it right to the finish line. I had hoped 
to make the WikiNews meet up on Sunday, but I've also got a term paper due on 
Tuesday, so -- I'll try, but it's going to be a crazy weekend. Sorry, and I 
hope you all have a great time!

> Also, if you have any ideas for a relatively inexpensive place that isn't too 
> far from the train station, please mention it.
Here's the train station on Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/lkFNK (note that 
it's NOT the big, prominent Union Station building, but a smaller, temporary 
station behind it. Here are walking instructions from the 16th Street mall.

There's a ton of dining places in downtown Denver around 16th Street (here's a 
 I've eaten at the Noodles & Co across the street from the RTD Market Street 
station -- http://www.noodles.com/locations/109 -- and I liked it!

It looks like the train's been early all this week, so it might make sense to 
check http://www.amtrak.com/ before you go. You'll want to click on "Status", 
and type in:
        Date: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 (the train takes two days to get to Denver)
        Train No: 6
        From: EMY (Emeryville, CA)
        To: DEN (Denver, CO)

They'll update the expected time as the train makes it way to Colorado. Hope 
that helps, and have a great time on Saturday and Sunday!

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