Hmm... Alright, this is what I propose:

It looks like we have some people for whom Boulder is much easier and some people for whom Denver is much easier. It also looks like we might all be a little strapped for cash, so we're looking for ways to minimize investment in transportation.

If we went to Denver, it looks like we would all have a chance to make it there if Gaurav Vaidya, Isarra Yos and I hopped into Todd Allen's car. I could even contribute a little towards gas. I'm hoping Isarra could meet us in Boulder, or we could somehow detour towards a good pickup location. We could then meet Matthew Bowker and Wilhelm Meis in Denver.

If we did Boulder, then it looks like it would be just Gaurav, Isarra, Todd, and myself (and possibly gribeco <>. Sorry, I forgot your real name :-( ). We could visit the sites listed on the page <>, but having more people would be nicer, of course.

So here's what I propose: Anyone who is absolutely gung-ho about about taking America on behalf of Wikipedia this weekend should definitely sign up in the likely attendees <> section. In this editor's humble opinion, I think that whoever has the balls, or lady balls, to sign up as an attendee of high-likelihood on the site should have the greater say-so in how we organize this year's event.

However, there is another option... we could be so bold as to take back America at two locations, in both Denver and Boulder... but I understand that could take away from the spirit of Colorado Wikimedians all working as one group...

So, let's do this: Since this year's Boulderites and Denverites are so landed, whoever is on the sign up sheet by, let's say mid-to-late-day tomorrow, should have the most say in how we might go about organizing this, giving great deference to their geological location. And I swear to everyone, if I had more money and a car, I would drive all of you anywhere. What are your thoughts on such a plan?

By the way, as a completely irrelevant aside, I just saw the Let It Be movie from the 70s and it was incredible. Highly recommended :-)


-Spencer <>

"What a lark! What a plunge!"
- Mrs. Dalloway <>, Virginia Woolf

On 9/25/2013 11:02 AM, Matthew Bowker wrote:
This is the exact same problem I've had at all of the previous meet ups we've had in Colorado. That's why I was so excited about this one - I might actually be able to drive there without paying an arm and a leg for gas (as a college student - I literally cannot afford to drive out to Boulder).

Is there any chance we can keep it in Denver? I haven't signed up because I've been working to clear conflicts, and that appears to have happened.

Thanks much!

Matthew Bowker

On Sep 25, 2013, at 8:44 AM, Wilhelm Meis < <>> wrote:

Coming from Colorado Springs, Denver is easier for me than anywhere in northern Colorado. But I guess anywhere other than Co Spr or Pueblo is a significant drive for me anyway.

Wilhelm Meis
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