Hi everybody!

On 25 Sep, 2013, at 4:22 PM, Todd Allen <toddmal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> That works for me. Anyone who wants to ride with me, please send me where you 
> would like to meet, so I can plan the best route and figure out what time we 
> should arrange to meet up. You can ping me separately if you like so we don't 
> spam the list or have addresses recorded. I'll have 3 seats, 4 if someone 
> doesn't mind the middle in the back, so first-come first-served.
I'd _like_ a ride, but I'm also PERFECTLY happy catching the bus to Boulder -- 
it's free for me as a college student! So put me at the very end of the list, 
and let me know if you have a seat free on Friday! I live really close to 
Spencer, so you won't need to reroute much on my behalf.

> I think given the greater interest in Denver and the fact we'll have better 
> participation there, it would probably be wise to move it back there. Any 
> objections to that?
I'm loving this! As Spencer pointed out, the only people who might not be able 
to make Denver are Gribeco and Isarra. I'll e-mail them separately and 
double-check with them. If both are fine, then I'll get rid of all the Boulder 
stuff and put out a Geonotice. Hopefully tonight!

> On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 4:02 PM, Spencer Williams <enderandpe...@yahoo.com> 
> wrote:
> So here's what I propose: Anyone who is absolutely gung-ho about about taking 
> America on behalf of Wikipedia this weekend should definitely sign up in the 
> likely attendees section. In this editor's humble opinion, I think that 
> whoever has the balls, or lady balls, to sign up as an attendee of 
> high-likelihood on the site should have the greater say-so in how we organize 
> this year's event.
Could I please ask we keep this mailing list testicle-free? We've had under-18s 
at Wikipedia meet ups before, and I'd rather keep things "12+" as much as 

> However, there is another option... we could be so bold as to take back 
> America at two locations, in both Denver and Boulder... but I understand that 
> could take away from the spirit of Colorado Wikimedians all working as one 
> group…
I LOVE this idea, especially since my friend Andy is going to miss this one 
since he's out of town! I'm out of town on Sunday and next weekend, but I'm not 
going to mind TOO much if you organise something while I'm away. If anybody 
would like to organise something in October, set up a page and let us know!

> So, let's do this: Since this year's Boulderites and Denverites are so 
> landed, whoever is on the sign up sheet by, let's say mid-to-late-day 
> tomorrow, should have the most say in how we might go about organizing this, 
> giving great deference to their geological location. And I swear to everyone, 
> if I had more money and a car, I would drive all of you anywhere. What are 
> your thoughts on such a plan?
If I hear back from Gribeco and Isarra tonight, I'll put in for a geonotice. Is 
everybody okay with the meeting location (Market Street Station, Denver) and 
time (4pm)? Does Denver get creepy or weird or crowded or absent after 4pm or 

> By the way, as a completely irrelevant aside, I just saw the Let It Be movie 
> from the 70s and it was incredible. Highly recommended :-)
Is that the Beatles' Let It Be? I've heard it was really depressing -- is it? 
If you like Beatles movies, you'll LOVE 

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