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> Hi everyone,

Hi mate,

> Cons:
> 1. The LCA city is not always appropriate for a WM-AU meetup due to
> us being of a smaller size.  eg. Hobart, Cairns, Darwin, NZ, possibly
> Perth. Workaround - we decide our own venue in those particular years.

Or we could use it as a chance to boost our numbers in that particular

> 2. I believe our AGM needs to be held between July-November.  I'm not
> sure how Linux Australia gets away with holding theirs in January.
> They may be incorporated in a different state with different rules?
> Other notes:
> - Since the next LCA will be in Wellington, I suggest we don't change
> our plans for this year - continue on with the late '09 Canberra
> option as previously suggested.
> - Are we going to LCA Wellington next year (Jan 2010) anyway?  We
> could assist WM-NZ with their formation.


> - Naturally if we were to host Wikimania it would not be influenced
> by this.
> Comments/ideas?
> Regards,
> Charles

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