2009/1/27 Charles Gregory <wikimediaau.li...@chuq.net>:
> 2. I believe our AGM needs to be held between July-November.  I'm not sure
> how Linux Australia gets away with holding theirs in January.  They may be
> incorporated in a different state with different rules?

We have to have our AGM* every calendar year within 5 months of the
end of our financial year. We operate on a July 1 to June 30 financial
year, so we have to have an AGM by the end of November. If our
financial year was different then our AGM timing would be too. As you
say the rules may well also be different in different states (or

* Note that we're actually allowed to have more than one AGM in any
given calendar year, we just have to have at least one in each
calendar year.

Stephen Bain

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