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> 2009/1/27 Charles Gregory <wikimediaau.li...@chuq.net>:
> > Pros:
> >
> > 2. It takes the decision making out of our hands - less
> > process/policy/bickering
> I think I have to disagree on this one, since that would be
> piggybacking far too much. I see making a joint conference with LCA
> more as a good start to begin learning how to do these ourselves,
> rather than just leaving it to them.

Perhaps I could have worded that better - I don't mean we become subordinate
to what Linux Australia says, I just mean that we are a small organisation
with limited resources - if someone throws up a city name and we all go
"ok", then that is fine - but if there are competing cities who want it,
then we have to decide who gets it, decide criteria on which the decision
will be made, decide who will compare the bids and make the final choice - a
lot of bureaucracy in it.  OTOH, if Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide all want
to host the 2012 meetup, and if we know that (say) Adelaide is hosting LCA
in the third week of January 2012, then it is a quick, easy decision to say
- ok, Wikimedia annual meetup will be in Adelaide on the weekend
before/after LCA.

.. and to re-iterate what I said in my previous email, the format of the
gathering will make a big difference - meetup/conference/etc.


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