2009/1/27 Gnangarra <gnanga...@gmail.com>

> While its nice and can be advantageous to piggy back on other groups for
> confrences, the decision on when to hold the AGM and whether theres an event
> to coincide with it must be that of our members/committee complying with
> requirements of our constitution.

Of course, I did point out the issues with the AGM timing as a downside.
I'm not sure if it is a Victorian consumer affairs rules, or something else.

> I'd also suggest that making blanket statements about elimating places as
> potential venues for any events will do more to alienate current members and
> potential members. The last Perth meetup had 14 people attend while Andrew
> and myself tried to encourage memberships the dominant comment was there is
> no advantage or reason for Perth people being part of an Eastern States
> based group, these types of blanket statements only reinforce those
> opinions.

I did hesitate when including Perth in that list, I guess I should have
hesitated more.  I only included it as more expensive travel means that it
might be harder to get a critical mass of people there.  You'll notice I
also included my own home city in the list so nothing sinister was intended.

Personally, I certainly don't think that being the only Tasmanian in the
group disadvantages me or diminishes the benefits of being a member at all,
so I would hope others would think along the same lines!  I understand what
it is like to be under-represented so please accept my apologies if any
WA'ers (or anyone from any location) thought otherwise!


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