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> Hi all,
> On March 20th Liam and I will both be in Canberra, meeting with lots
> of interesting folk from interesting orgs (thanks to Liam's
> interesting rolodex). One of our meetings will be a brunch around 9am.
> We would really like to meet up with local editors who are interested
> in helping make a "wiki conf" in Canberra around November happen. (See
> <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/AusWikiConf_2009> for some background)
> If you are not too interested in that but still want to meet up,
> that's cool too. :) Please email me offlist so we can swap contact
> info and such for when a venue is set.
> thanks!
> Brianna
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> They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:
> http://modernthings.org/

Personally, I wouldn't call a 9am meeting "bruch" so much as  
"breakfast" :-) but that's the way it has worked out - this is the  
only available time when we are all in the same place.

It would be really good to meet Canberrans whether they are interested  
in helping our with a wiki conf and/or members of the chapter or  
neither. We will be meeting in a cafe (as yet to be determined by  
[[user:confusing manifestations]] ) in the City district at 9am on  
Friday week. Please come along if you can!

For those who are interested to know, over the course of that Thursday  
and Friday we have arranged meetings with directors from: the National  
Gallery; the Australian War Memorial; the National Library (twice) and  
the Australian institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  
Studies (AIATSIS). Other insitiutions will be joining us such as the  
Australian Digital Alliance.

The purpose of these meeting quite loose. Simply put, these  
institutions have had ad hoc dealings with wiki•edians, from a  
variety of people, across a range of issues, for several years. We are  
going to "fly the flag" and answer their questions and see where  
discussion takes us. From their point if view, just being able to put  
a face to this vast thing called "wiki" will be important.

If you have specific questions that would like us to pose to these  
institutions please contact either Brianna, myself or the Wikipedia  
Australia committee.

All the best,
[[witty lama]]

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