2009/3/11 Confusing Manifestation <confusingmanifestat...@gmail.com>:
> "What size" is one of the many questions we hope to answer with this
> get-together. I have my own ideas, Brianna and Liam have theirs
> (probably much more grounded in reality). In terms of scope I'm
> thinking Wiki community + organisations with related interests as the
> main targets, but I'm not 100% sure what that would mean for actual
> attendance numbers, or even what the convention would actually entail.
> There's been a page up at officialwiki
> (http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/AusWikiConf_2009) for a while, but it
> hasn't had much (read: any) input.

I have been lately thinking that having  a strong "internal" focus and
aiming for 30-60 attendees seems like an achievable thing. Liam
suggested, and I really like the idea, of having 2 days "internal
conf" and then 1 day "Wikipedia Academy for the general public".


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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