okey dokey,

so following a bit of a play I'd propose to replace the current front page
with this one;


I'll probably 'be bold' before too long - and obviously I think there's
heaps that could be improved - but maybe a bit of a fresh start might be a
good thing?

thoughts most welcome... :-)



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> G'day all,
> I've just been browsing a bit around our website (
> http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Wikimedia_Australia ) - and wondered if
> perhaps we might be able to generally aim a little higher / improve it a
> bit.
> For whatever reasons (and perhaps general Chapter activity is a big one, I
> dunno) the site is in danger of becoming a little stale, and I think we're
> finding it hard to follow through on developing site areas in communicating
> chapter work etc.
> I note that there's something in a plan I saw somewhere for there to be
> some sort of wm-au blog? Perhaps this would be a good channel - and I for
> one would be happy to post things like reports from Wiki Wednesdays,
> meetups, that sort of thing.
> I vaguely recall that the committee appointed someone (or maybe a
> sub-committee!) to oversee the site in general - but I can't remember who
> that is, and I'd certainly like to offer some help in general, as well as
> inviting feedback from other members and interested parties - perhaps the
> AGM coming up in a few months would be a good target for a medium-sized
> relaunch of a site with a bit higher standard across the board?
> I won't commit heresy at this point by suggesting we look at using
> something clever like Confluence to produce something a bit better looking,
> and more functional, but I really do think we need to aim higher - I feel
> like we're sort of letting MediaWiki down a bit with our effort at the mo.
> :-)
> thoughts most welcome,
> best,
> Peter
> PM.
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