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I would liek to raise a number of points about the matters PM raises
> In making these updates, a few things emerge to my mind as becoming a bit
> more diserable / pressing;
>    - I would like to highlight the possibility of an organisation joining
>    WMAU - for whatever reason it seems to me that we're talking to quite a few
>    organisations who would be interested in supporting the Chapter in this 
> way.
>    There's no tension in my mind between between this process and encouraging
>    individual membership also.

First, the boring techical points. Our current rules do not allow this.
We will have to alter the rules, but it would save money to do several
changes at once.

Second, what are we really talking about here. Do we really mean
membership? If so, what rights would they have as members. Perhaps the
right to nominate x people to attend General and Special Meetings with
the right to vote? I would invisage x to be small, like 2 or maybe 3.
What else. or do we mean something different that might be called
corporate affiliates or something similar, with no voting rights. You
talk of "supporting the Chapter in this way". What way? Would joning
WMAU mean they support the Chapter more than they (those we are talking
to) are already doing?

This all needs carefully fleshing out.

>    - Our Donate channels are a bit limited - we need an acceptable online
>    donation scheme asap.

Questions have been raised about what is "acceptable" to us as an
Association, as well as to donors or members. For example, PayPal seems
to involve transfering monies from PayPal to our account. We require two
signatures for cheques and for any payment out. How do we keep this
security on our funds if we have a PayPal account. Can we prevent a
Treasurer (of course I would never do such a thing, but ..) from using
this loophole in PayPal to walk off with our funds. Also can we have a
PayPal account only for receiving monies and not, in any way, for
outgoing payments?

As Treasurer, I proposed a PayPal account, but these concerns have
delayed it. It may still happen, but I would welcome some comments on
security of our funds if we have a PayPal account.

Also are there acceptable alternatives to PayPal, that are not over
kill, or expensive?

>    - It might be wise to have some sort of policy on cleanup of older items
>    - many of the pages easily navigated to are mothballed to various degrees.

Yes, this is a serious problems. It is already getting difficult to
navigate between minutes of committee meetings and their sub-pages, just
for starters.

Cheers, Brian.
> that's it for now :-)
> cheers,
> Peter
> PM.

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