As the new treasurer of the Wiki-Aus I have been reading this discussion with 
some interest and I now make the following comment.

I am in support of Sarah's continual point that only financial members should 
be able to edit the official wiki for many reasons,
however the below snippet from Andrew's comment is particularly useful and 
Quite frankly folks the committee members of this chapter already have 
absolutely far too many things to read - 
to the extent that there is a very great chance that we will come awash with 
the excess of that information 
(and indeed there are clear instances where we have already).  

Adding to that situation with open editing of the official wiki is neither 
practical nor reflective of real world boards,
and quite frankly we are a real world board with real world responsibilities as 
a part of corporate governance requirements.
In a nutshell we are responsible in the main to the financial members of this 
chapter and 
it is only their material that should take any more of our time or effort at 
the the official chapter pages.

There are plenty of ways to draw our attention to issues of concern at other 
open wikis and 
so I for one do not support open editing in any form.

> *Andrew comment sent Saturday, 12 December 2009 9:38 AM
> Expecting already busy committee members (and I'm not even
> speaking for myself here) to monitor the wiki in such circumstances is an
> imposition on them and a completely unnecessary one - what do we stand to
> benefit from it, as against the costs?
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