G'day all,
I wonder if I could pester a committee member with a spare moment to fill in
the redlink here;
about the Jan. meetup :-)
I was able to pester Liam briefly on gchat, who indicated that it had been a
really good meetup, with a rather large amount of information and areas
covered - I also noticed that our latest news says the meeting 'concluded
with some clear goals and objectives for the year ahead.' (thanks to Andrew
for that update) - it'd be great to see these laid out for feedback /
development and general 'get on with'-ness :-)
ps. I'd like to begin contacting a few folk in regard to possible Schools
projects - I'll begin all the prep. work over on the wiki shortly (
http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Schools ) - the 'sign up' list of volunteers
willing to get involved is rather lonely (just me!) - so if you have any
inclination to be involved in preperation of materials / presentations etc.,
or if you have existing work you don't mind bringing onto the official wiki,
it'd be much appreciated :-)

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