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> Thanks Laura,
> I gather I now need to get the nod of a committee member in order to
> start building the information on the official wiki - I've copied
> Craig (our treasurer) in on this, because we've had a mini
> correspondence about this proposal, and hopefully he'll be able to
> give the nod, and we can get going :-)
> Obviously the approval of any other committee member would be most
> welcome at any time also.

overall, I like it, however ...

the fourth bullet point is your personal view, it judges other
organisations (schools and the WMF; partners and potential partners),
and states that WMF is being negligent because it isn't doing
something that is 'necessary'.  That isn't going to be published in a
WMAu proposal as written.  Your personal views are suitable on your
userpage or in discussions, until you have built support within the

You can merge bullet two & four like so:

* Parents and organisations with duty of care for children may prefer
to create PersonalWikis, in order to provide a safer wiki environment
that they can manage.

Moreover, why should *we* do anything to make mediawiki more useful
for children/training.  Is this a gap?  if so, is it a good use of our
resources to attempt to fix it?  There are a lot of extra
considerations for that use-case.  I have reservations about WmAu
creating wikis for kids on the assumption that their parents are
overseeing them.

The import/export component of this proposal is the gem.


Also if we are going to have 'fork' wikis, and we ignore the 'wiki for
kids' component of your proposal, we would probably want to have
'missing' articles in the PersonalWiki link through to the forked
wiki, which is what this proposal is all about.


A simple way to set up a 'fork' wiki is to allow users to import into
their userspace, and add some security so that users can't edit each
others userspace.  Then every user has their own personal area to host
forks, all in one wiki so that the administrative workload is less .
However this can also be achieved on Wikipedia; copy an article into
your userspace and it is unlikely to be edited by anyone else.

John Vandenberg

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