Dear subscribers

        I realised in early March that I’d been receiving no automatic
email notifications from this public mailing list for some time.
Curious, I made a post; it didn’t get through. Then I went to the
subscribe page and tried to join using my existing address, thinking
there’d been some technical glitch that had unsubscribed me. Nope:
every attempt to subscribe using the same email failed. I tried my
alternate email, and that failed too. When a friend did it for me at a
remote location, the alternate email was subscribed immediately. It is
under that alternate address that I’m now posting. 

        Through the marvel of human intuition, I think I’ve worked out that
one of the three administrators, Steven Zhang, has placed my
long-standing subscription on what is known as a “kill list”. I
was never informed, and I can’t imagine either Charles Gregory or
John Vandenberg – the other two administrators – would have agreed
to this undercover banning. I believe that both consulting the other
administrators and informing the person being banned are standard

        I remind subscribers that the chapter doesn’t own this mailing
list: the WMF does. And I should also point out that under the by-laws
I’m still a member of the chapter.  

        I’d like an explanation. 

        Tony Souter 

        Normal email address:
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