Yeah, Hanlon's razor perhaps should be remembered here! :-) Not that I mean to imply any incompetence on the part of the list administrators, but I do imagine that it's more likely that someone's made a mistake here and is not being actively mean.

And Toby, I do recall reading an email from you in which you resigned your membership. Doesn't that make to not-a-member now?

— sam.

On 03/16/2014 02:41 PM, Adam Jenkins wrote:
Although I don't know the cause of Tony's problems, when I tried to get an automated email sent from the listserver just now, Gmail automatically transferred them into the "social" category so that they weren't visible, which initially led me to assume that they weren't making it through. Some email services treat automated email as spam, or (as Gmail now does), hides it by automatically putting it into something other than the inbox. It would be tricky to diagnose any problems from here, but the problems could have been technical, rather than deliberate.


On 16 March 2014 04:35, Russavia < <>> wrote:

    Stephen, Charles and John,

    This obviously needs to be answered. If Tony has had his
    subscription cancelled/killed as he claims, this is a serious issue.

    As much as I think Tony is an a-grade twit, he has every right to
    his opinions on matters which relate to Wikimedia in Australia, no
    matter how much we disagree with them.

    I don't see John or Charles doing this, and I hope I am right in
    that, so it could only be Stephen Zhang as supposed by Tony. I
    hope I am wrong in this assertion, and am willing to be corrected
    on anything I am writing here.

    But Stephen, if this is correct, this is not only going to have
    ramifications for you as President of WMAU, but it is seriously
    going to affect your desire to become an admin on English
    Wikipedia, which is something that we all know you greatly desire.
    To have someone who is willing to use such a hammer on someone
    they disagree with as has occurred here, can not and should not be
    trusted with any tools on any project in which they have the
    ability to block editors. And I am sure that this will be
    referenced in any such request for adminship.

    This is an absolute disgrace, and some explanation is going to be
    required from those who have the ability to make such actions on
    this list.



    On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 9:01 PM, <
    <>> wrote:

        Dear subscribers

        I realised in early March that I’d been receiving no automatic
        email notifications from this public mailing list for some
        time. Curious, I made a post; it didn’t get through. Then I
        went to the subscribe page and tried to join using my existing
        address, thinking there’d been some technical glitch that had
        unsubscribed me. Nope: every attempt to subscribe using the
        same email failed. I tried my alternate email, and that failed
        too. When a friend did it for me at a remote location, the
        alternate email was subscribed immediately. It is under that
        alternate address that I’m now posting.

        Through the marvel of human intuition, I think I’ve worked out
        that one of the three administrators, Steven Zhang, has placed
        my long-standing subscription on what is known as a “kill
        list”. I was never informed, and I can’t imagine either
        Charles Gregory or John Vandenberg – the other two
        administrators – would have agreed to this undercover banning.
        I believe that both consulting the other administrators and
        informing the person being banned are standard protocol.

        I remind subscribers that the chapter doesn’t own this mailing
        list: the WMF does. And I should also point out that under the
        by-laws I’m still a member of the chapter.

        I’d like an explanation.

        Tony Souter

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