FWIW, kicking people off the list in such circumstances has generally
been acceptable on Wikimedia lists, with or without notice. Though
notice is nice and adds to transparency.

For list administration, I note that wikimediauk-l is explicitly a
list for "Wikimedians in and interested in the UK" and is not
specifically the chapter's list per se (and this distinction is
important to some people). So the wikimediauk-l admins are jdforrester
(WMF staff), dgerard (volunteer), richard.symonds (WMUK staff) and
thehelpfulonewiki (volunteer). James and I were adminstering it since
the days of WMUKv1, which we were both on the board of, but we're not
actually affiliated with the current WMUK.

So I would suggest for the future (1) when kicking someone, say so and
why (unless there's a really good reason not to) (2) have a mix of
list admins.

- d.

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