I can add a little more as I was in the loop of some email conversations in 


A big problem for us to participate in WLM is the expectation that we can 
upload a database of monuments including lat/long coordinates for use with the 
WLM Mobile app. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but we just don’t 
have the ability to construct such a database without a massive manual effort. 
Obviously we known of various heritage registers compiled by the Commonwealth, 
states, local governments and various other organisations (National Trust, 
Engineers Institute, …), but these are generally not available to us in any 
electronic format. I’ve been in conversation about getting the Queensland 
Heritage Register released under CC-BY license which is apparently OK in 
principle, but has yet to actually occur in practice.  Obviously we don’t need 
to have every possible monument in this database, which is why we had thought 
we might start with just war memorials, as the upcoming Gallipoli centenary 
means that a lot of effort is going into documenting war memorials making it 
more likely we could obtain (or scrape) the data for a number of states at 


However, the WLM committee knocked back that idea. As Gnangarra has already 
said, we were told war memorials were not acceptable to them as monuments, 
despite our attempts to explain the cultural importance of war memorials in 
Australia. AFAIK, the conversation with WLM terminated on that rather 
unpleasant exchange and has not been resumed.


Personally I would prefer to see a WMAU-takes-War-Memorials in the leadup to 
the Gallipoli centenary (25 April 2015)  over participating in WLM.  There’s 
plenty of scope here. In Queensland there are currently over 1300+ documented 
war memorials (and no doubt many more undocumented ones), yet Commons has about 
120 photos of them (incidentally, a big barnstar goes to WMAU member Mattinbgn 
who took and uploaded many of these Qld war memorial photos). And of course the 
impact of WW1 on Australia is more than just the war memorials, so we could 
broaden it to WMAU-takes-WW1 and encompass anything linked to WW1 themes 
relating to Australia.






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Please note I'm not speak on behalf of WMAU committee and as far as I'm aware 
no one has proposed anything to the committee in relation to WLM 

WLM is a complex issue 

As we found out last year if Australia wants to participate in WLM we cannot 
run a scaled down version, neither can we include  War Memorials within the 
scope of WLM as the definition of monuments in this project is not the english 
definition. If Australians had participated on that basis none of our entrants 
would been eligible for the international aspects so that would result in a 
very disappointing outcome for us, if not a very embarrassing one as well. 

I'm aware that this year the founding country of WLM has withdrawn, that is a 
concern if the  country the size of Netherlands doesnt have the capacity to 
continue then Australia with a significantly smaller user base and a 
significantly larger area of distribution will have potentially more complex 
capacity issues.

With this knowledge I can only recommend caution, suggest that there maybe 
better alternative given the limit of resources


On 18 May 2014 02:01, Russavia <russavia.wikipe...@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,


Does anyone know if there is going to be an Australian edition of Wiki
Loves Monuments this year?

The page is up on Commons,[1] but there's nothing there showing an
Australian presence.

Having an Aussie edition of the comp as a precursor, if there is still
interest, in having a "war memorials" competition in the lead up to
Anzac Day in 2015.

Anyway, just wanting to put it out there that WLM is open and seeing
if there is any interest in it.



[1] https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2014

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