I'll try get get to one of the meetups, depends on transport cost and uni work 


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>Hawkeye7 and I will be at the WNWBL matches in North Sydney this
>Saturday and Sunday, and we welcome the locals to come along. ;-)
>Please sign up here:
>Entry is free, and Tony Naar has booked the board room at the venue
>and organised Internet access for us from 3-6 PM on Sunday for us to
>chat, write articles, etc and .. whatever.
>We're also planning a WikiWednesday at the Australian Paralympic
>Committee HQ (Sydney Olympic Park) on next Wednesday the 23rd, where
>we will be talking mostly about Wikipedia coverage of Para Sports at
>the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which may have commenced depending on
>timezone.  We should have more details about that in the next day or
>John Vandenberg
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