Hmm, if it gets funded along the lines indicated, that might open the flood
gates of similar applications (why wouldn't you if WMF picked up the tab),
but it would appear to be contrary to the normal principle of not paying for
content development. I guess we wait and see .





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Interestingly, I just had a conversation this week with a (for profit) GLAM
consultancy organisation in Greece that wants to do a wiki-town project with
the city of Thessaloniki. They've already got the city council and several
museums of the city, and some [as yet undefined] level of support from the
editing community. What they want now is permission from the WMF to use the
logos, and to submit a grant application to run the project. 


This is an interesting case because it's an organisation that has experience
in running events in a country that does indeed have a lot of cultural
heritage at the city level, and they city wants to do it. But, they also
want Wikimedia to subsidise their staff time to operate the activity -
without which the project would probably not happen. I've not seen any grant
application (so I don't know how much they want), nor do I know about the
degree of local volunteer community support to actually write and translate
the articles... It'll be interesting to see how it develops (if at all). 


Peace, love & metadata


On 1 May 2015 at 09:34, Gnangarra <> wrote:



I think its a rather complex issue and can see a few red flags there to
start with that would cause a lot of issues,  Paid photographers? Paid
historians? Paid editors?.  For Wikitowns or for that matter any project
really needs to be driven by the volunteer community both from within and
from the associated partners.  Someone being paid specifically to project
manage a WikiTown wouldnt be a good perspective.  From within an LGA having
someone in a community liason, or GLAM type position who can co-ordinate
some of the activities should be ok, even they need to be careful with COI.


I personally would discourage any paid activity as we have seen multiple
times this inevitably triggers a lot of damage to the community and
individuals regardless of standing.  


On 1 May 2015 at 14:44, Leigh Blackall <> wrote:

Hi Gnangara, 

Is there any possibility or objection to paying someone project manage a
Wikitown project? Am thinking that some local councils or business precincts
would put up the funds, and a good project manager would honour ask the
disclosure of interests and transparency of process inside Wikipedia. Paid
photographers? Paid historians? Paid editors? 

I realise this is a contentious issue, but not sure it's impossible... 

On 01/05/2015 8:06 am, "Gnangarra" <> wrote:



Yes Australia has two ongoing Wikitown projects


I'm created both projects and are responsible for their on going activity,
the projects activity spikes depending on the availability of funding for
each set of new plates. I was also fortunate enough to see the talk in
Washington in 2012.   WikiTowns have a wide appeal and are very popular the
issue is that they require significant time to build which gets complicated
when you rely on volunteers.


I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has, and provide assistance 



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