Hello all,

I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the technical aspects
of the campaign, a hurdle that I have come across and the direction we will
be heading in.

==Banner Targetting==
When this campaign was originally planned one of the aims was to limit
banners to pages that only contained fair use images. This kind of
targeting would have been done within the client (browser) since currently
the functionality does not exist on the server side. The idea was to target
images hosted on the English Wikipedia with the assumption that they would
be fair use with a few exceptions. A line of javascript code would run upon
the loading of the page, search for the following "//
upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/". If found, the banner would show. If
not the banner would be suppressed. I expected a few false positives but
generally this would function well.

However what I did not take into account was that the top 100 used files on
the English Wikipedia are hosted locally. This includes things like the
Wikimedia commons logo which is used on a vast number of pages. This means
that unfortunately with the current tools at our disposal, we aren't going
top be able to do this particular type of targeting as I had hoped and my
apologies to the community.

==Campaign Details==
The intention is for the campaign to continue to follow the spirit of the
consensus established by the community. The plan will be to run banners at
50% of page views on the first 24 hours of the campaign and then drop and
remain at a lower level between 10-25% of impressions for the remainder of
the campaign period (expected to be 3-4 weeks in length).

We will also limit the number of times any one person will see a banner and
this is expected to be around 5 views per week. The idea is to strike a
balance between delivering impact and not disrupting the website for our

If you'd like to see a current draft version of the banner you can take a
look here:


(not connected to a landing page yet)

I hope that we will be able to run and test a number of variants of the
banner in both design and text copy to establish the most effective

If you have questions about the technical aspects of the campaign feel free
to ask me here or directly by my email :)



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