Thank you for this update Seddon,
(I've cc'd Jessica & Trish from the Australian Digital Alliance, and Jon
from Electronic Frontiers Australia - who are helping to coordinate this.
Those of you who were at the Melbourne meetup with Katherine this week will
have met Jon there).

Things are moving ahead apace with the planning for this campaign, even
though it might look very quiet to those not intimately involved: We're
trying to strike a balance between keeping people informed, and not
spamming with unwanted info!

==Banner display==
To reiterate Seddon's point: I am sorry that the proposal which was
approved by the community vote - (showing banners only on articles which
have Fair Use files) is not going to be technically possible. We thought it
was, and Seddon/WMF genuinely believed it would be, but it isn't. We can
make a list of all en.wp articles with F.U. files[1] but to make each
pageload check against that list would pose an unacceptable burden on
load-times. There probably is a technical solution that the WMF could
build, but as a question of resource-allocation they're not able to do that
at this time.

So... I hope you understand and believe us when we say that we're doing our
best to adjust to this hiccup by following the spirit of the
community-consultation as best as possible, even if we technically can't
follow the letter. To that end: rather than showing the banners all the
*time* on the minority % of articles which have F.U. content, we will
instead show the banners on all the *articles* but only for an equivalent
minority % of the time/pageloads. Make sense? There will also be the other
limiting factors in place: only for logged-out users, maximum of 5 banner
views per-browser/per-week.

==Draft landing page, banner designs==
If you would like to help draft some banner texts and find appropriate
graphics for them, you can make suggestions alongside the current proposals
This meta page will also become the landing-page for the banners when
clicked. It's not pretty yet, we've been working primarily on the text
itself - to find that balance between concise, accurate, engaging,
detailed, and approved-by-the-lawyers!

The launch date is expected to be in two weeks, likely 18 May That will be
after the media attention surrounding the federal budget has died down. It
will also coincide with some mainstream media articles we're hoping to
secure with some friendly journalists. As important as our website is, the
impact of the national newspapers on the minds of MPs needs to be accounted
for :-)

And relatedly, Jess, Trish and Jon have been working very hard to produce a
matching campaign microsite - (currently behind a
password until we 'launch') which will have lots more resources that are
not appropriate for Meta - like the 'contact your MP' widget, various FAQ
and mytbusting documents, social media sharing... It will also serve as a
place for the other allied organisations in Australia (from the
education/consumer/digital rights communities) to point their parallel
campaign material towards. Yep - other organisations have become inspired
by our getting involved and are going to run their own parallel campaigns!

==Mainspace WP article==
One of the specific requests made during the Request for Commons was a
mainspace Wikipedia article outlining the history of Fair Use arguments in
Australia - on the basis that if we're running an advocacy campaign about
it, we should have an NPOV and RS referenced EN.WP article about it too.
This was written and placed in the 'drafts' namespace for review (to avoid
CoI concerns), and is now live and linked from some other relevant
Please watchlist it, and help improve! I'd like to add in some multimedia
from the "anti" fair use camp, but with supreme irony... since they're also
anti free-licenses the only way that perspective could be included in the
multimedia of the article is with... Fair Use :-P

- Liam / Wittylama

[1] Indeed, here it is:
Peace, love & metadata

On 5 May 2017 at 17:54, Joseph Seddon <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the technical aspects
> of the campaign, a hurdle that I have come across and the direction we will
> be heading in.
> ==Banner Targetting==
> When this campaign was originally planned one of the aims was to limit
> banners to pages that only contained fair use images. This kind of
> targeting would have been done within the client (browser) since currently
> the functionality does not exist on the server side. The idea was to target
> images hosted on the English Wikipedia with the assumption that they would
> be fair use with a few exceptions. A line of javascript code would run upon
> the loading of the page, search for the following "//
>". If found, the banner would show. If
> not the banner would be suppressed. I expected a few false positives but
> generally this would function well.
> However what I did not take into account was that the top 100 used files
> on the English Wikipedia are hosted locally. This includes things like the
> Wikimedia commons logo which is used on a vast number of pages. This means
> that unfortunately with the current tools at our disposal, we aren't going
> top be able to do this particular type of targeting as I had hoped and my
> apologies to the community.
> ==Campaign Details==
> The intention is for the campaign to continue to follow the spirit of the
> consensus established by the community. The plan will be to run banners at
> 50% of page views on the first 24 hours of the campaign and then drop and
> remain at a lower level between 10-25% of impressions for the remainder of
> the campaign period (expected to be 3-4 weeks in length).
> We will also limit the number of times any one person will see a banner
> and this is expected to be around 5 views per week. The idea is to strike a
> balance between delivering impact and not disrupting the website for our
> readers.
> If you'd like to see a current draft version of the banner you can take a
> look here:
> banner=Australia_FairUse_Draft&uselang=en&force=1
> (not connected to a landing page yet)
> I hope that we will be able to run and test a number of variants of the
> banner in both design and text copy to establish the most effective
> campaign.
> If you have questions about the technical aspects of the campaign feel
> free to ask me here or directly by my email :)
> Regards
> --
> Seddon
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> *Wikimedia Foundation*
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