Dear Aussiepedians,

As some of you may have seen by now - the banner campaign is now LIVE and

Peter Martin, wrote an excellent article for SMH/Age/Canberra Times, and it
is doing REALLY well on social media (apparently "Fair Use" is trending on
twitter in australia):
targets-australians-in-bid-to-change-the-law-20170521-gw9kzq.html (Do have
a read of the comments there too - they're super positive). There's been
several ABC radio stories done this morning by Jess (ADA) and Jon (EFA) and
the press-release they sent out early this morning is beginning to be
picked up by others (SaturdayPaper, GizmodoAus...)

Reddit has noticed too:

The Meta page, where the banners go, is here:
(and details of the banner designs are on the talkpage) - hashtag for those
on social media is #FairCopyrightOz

And the main point of the campaign from an 'influencing politicians' point
of view is the number of letters sent via the campaign website: (almost 60 and it's only just
gone 9am in Sydney)! If you are interested in this topic, please write a
letter to your MP as well!

All the best,
-Liam / Wittylama
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