Dear member of the Wikimedia Movement,

During our last Wikimedia CH board meeting, we resolved to set up a web 
conferencing solution.

After reviewing our needs, we decided that the most effective solution would be 
that of setting up a dedicated server for that purpose.

From a chapter level point of view, it could appear like an expensive 
investment, but put in the context of the Wikimedia movement, this investment 
(not such a large one, in fact) could be made profitable quite easily. 

We plan to give access to these tools at first to all the chapters and 
affiliated group, as then as well for thematic groups.

Deployment is planned for the next Wikimedia Conference in Milan.

In the meantime, people interested in getting access to the tools can contact 
us by email at, with a simple description of the project, 
an estimation of the number of people interested and the frequency of usage.

For further information on the chosen solution, you can check the Big Blue 
Button website.

For the Wikimedia CH board


Charles ANDRES, Chairman
"Wikimedia CH" – Association for the advancement of free knowledge –
Office +41 (0)21 340 66 20
Skype: charles.andres.wmch

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