I have evaluated OpenMeetings before we discussed further steps on
implementing BBB.
It is very similar to BBB, has mostly the same features and also under
the most components are the same (J2EE, Red5...).
BBB seems to have a much nicer user interface, though.

I'd didn't know about the sister project proposal. It looks a bit odd to
me, doesn't really fit in the strategy of Wikimedia. I see video
conferences as a tool, not a project itself. We have a similar component
in the WikiTV project I am leading on german Wikipedia but the results
are the discussions we want to document, not the video platform we use.


Am 25.02.2013 14:05, schrieb Charles Andrès:
> It seems that Openmeetings has actually been proposed as sister project, 
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/OpenMeetings.org
> But I do not see any progress on this subject.
> I personnaly don't know OpenMeetings.

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