As I already laid out the two programs are very similar, just BBB has
the nicer user interface. That's why I have chosen this.

I see no point in switching programs (now or later).


Am 25.02.2013 15:22, schrieb Gabriel Thullen:
> I also think that OpenMeetings would be great, being a big fan of open
> source and free software, but the main issue here is one of speed, and
> volunteer availability.
> The way I see it, and Manuel can correct me if I am wrong, is that we have
> someone who is familiar with BBB and setting up such a system for wikimedia
> will not require a lot of extra learning for him. BBB will take time to set
> up, of course, but not all that extra time needed to learn the details of
> an Open software solution and to iron out the bugs.
> I would say that we go ahead with the proposed BBB solution, and in a few
> years we can always switch programs.

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