There is a third solution.

To manage the cultural partners directly and not using a brochure.

Switzerland is not so big like Deutschland, so the "cultural partners care" may be managed with a direct contact. The brochure may be a complement, not the key to open the doors.


On 24.05.2013 20:49, Estermann Beat wrote:

Dear all,

Below the link to the new GLAM-Brochure in German (by Wikimedia Deutschland).

Is there a plan to adapt the brochure for Switzerland/Wikimedia Switzerland in a near future or should we use the Wikimedia Deutschland-Version for our GLAM outreach in Switzerland?

Kind regards,


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Hello out there,

to day we uploaded the new brochure for GLAM <> in German. It looks very much as the the first edition, but inside we changed all texts and added a test for GLAMs "How do You get along with Wikipedia?" on page 16.

Please turn to me, incase You would like to have the indesign files. Unfortunately we were unable to find an acceptable solution in opensource for the design software.

Happy to share your comments.

best regards

Barbara Fischer

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