Am 07.01.2014 15:58, schrieb Ilario Valdelli:
> Yes, WM IT probably will not answer.
> It may be checked if they would operate under the umbrella of WM CH.

well, they could at least say "no". That's fine with me.

If WMCH supports it's great! I also got two requests from WMPT and WMFI
because they want to send somebody but don't have the funds for it.
I told them if they get me the person and the actual costs I'll get them
the funding - hope bigger chapters will help out here. Would be good if
we could have at least one volunteer from each EU country / language. I
even think about asking turkish and norwegian volunteers (turkish
because it is also official language in Cyprus, and they try to get into
the EU - and we hardly have any exchange with turkish editors anyway).

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