I should clarify about this EP project:

* it has been started by a small group of german and austrian
Wikipedians who have been active doing the State Parliament projects in
DE and AT. Project manager and contact person to the EP is Olaf Kosinsky
who also lead the State Parliament Project 2012 - 2014 with a Grant of WMDE.

* the project has never been approved, it doesn't need to. It's done by
volunteers, not by any entities.
Entities have been asked to contribute, such as a WMF grant was
requested (and funded). In the past the local chapter has supported the
volunteers to go to the State Parliaments by reimbursing travel costs
and lending equipment - both WMDE and WMAT have regular programs for
this, thus no special budget or approval was needed.
In the case of the EP the goal is to involve as many EU countries /
languages as possible. There budget has been split into general project
cost which are no country-dependant and costs for volunteers. The
general costs will be covered through a WMF grant, the costs of the
volunteers by their local chapters, through the general programs these
chapters offer. So in most countries no approvals are needed. In some
cases we need to find scholarships, eg. as WMFI or WMPT have no funds to
support their volunteers and several countries have no chapter at all.
If the WMF grant wouldn't have been granted Olaf would have had to look
for other sources, eg. another chapter or by splitting the costs to all
chapters. There is also still the possibility that the EP supports the
project which would increase the money returned to the WMF after the

* I'd like to especially point out that the project itself never
changed. The WMF grant was approved as requested. The goal never was to
"only take pictured" and it still does not include "lobbying". It is
taking pictures, writing / improving articles, translating between
languages, talking to MEPs to educate them about the Wikimedia mission.
Beside that volunteers will learn from each other, eg. from those
experiences made with the State Parliaments in AT and DE. Obviously it
will increase cooperation between chapters and language community.

* WMCH go involved as it was - like other entities and volunteers -
informed through mails on public mailinglists like the Chapters
mailinglist and Wikimedia-l. I am happy that WMCH was among the first
entities to respond and generously offer their support. Charles also
helped me and got Ludovic from WMFR on board which I am very grateful of.
So, if anyone if interested in participating or simply spreading the
word to other entities / volunteers please check out the project page on
Wikimedia Commons:


I have written to a few chapters in person to point them at the mails
sent on the global mailinglists and make sure they are being noticed but
I didn't write to all of them yet. So if you happen to have any contacts
feel free to forward the information. Better two people write than nobody.

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