Am 31.01.2014 21:38, schrieb Frédéric Schütz:
> As a side note, I'm in fact slightly more in favour of the Saturday, too.
> My message below was really sent as the person who signed the contract
> with the Youth Hostel, and while I don't remember specifically the
> conditions for changing anything, I know we can not simply modify the
> date in the same way as we modify a wiki.

as I am in discussions with the YH as well - BTW I was never told that
*THIS* contract has been signed - I wasn't even sure if we had a board
approval for renting the YH at all - I will ask them if we can move it
to Saturday.
But before I do so, please someone from the board (Frédéric?) indicate
me if we can actually move the GA without violation of bylaws,
concerning invitation etc.

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