Hi Delphine,

> 2) Dec 6 is too close a date for the Board to approve anything, the
> schedule is very tight, and the Serbian Chapter already chose Dec. 4th
> as their founding date, so they come first.
Dec 6 is our deadline for sending the bylaws, not for getting them back.
We are aware of the fact, that this will take some time, that is the reason 
why we didn't name a date for the meeting afterwards.

> 3) A "model" of the trademark agreement is still being processed, and
> is a contract between the Foundation and the future chapter. As such
> it will not be posted to the list, as this is a confidential
> agreement, that should be available to the CH board. Details of course
> can be explained without any problems.
Ok, so we will not post it. Every future member who is interested in 
participating in the board could come to the meeting and discuss / sign it.

The thing is that we don't have a board yet because there is no foundation 

> 4) Beginning of 2006 sounds great, maybe it would be good to start a
> page now on meta to see what the possible dates would be for most
> people to attend the founding meeting.
Great! We really look forward this and I'm sure i'm saying that in the name of 
all future Wikmedia CH members.


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