I would like to remind here, that we even need some Auditors. This year it won't
be that important but by the revision of the OR (which will go live by begin of
2007), it is foreseen, that the auditors must have a special education in
bookkeeping. This means any kind of education beyond of simple
"milk-book-calculation". Balance sheet analysis is minimum. Therefore the
audience of potential auditors is not that big...

I wrote the same note on http://ch.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board/Candidatures

In between I don't know if some persons realized their nomination for board. In
the last few days were nominated:
- Muvon53
- Robin Schwab
- Frederic Schutz

I would like to ask these persons to post a short statement, if they would like
to accept if they would be elected.

Jürg Wolf

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