In Tamil wikipedia, Google translated articles number 1,240 (barring one or
two which we might have forgotten to tag). This translates to roughly 4.4 %
of the total articles in Ta. wiki. Also about 100 or so of the translated
articles already had stubs/fair sized articles, before google translators
overwrote them.

 Creation of new google articles stopped on August 15, 2010 because of
quality concerns. After an extensive quality review process we reached a
deal with google. In this second phase - we picked the translators and the
topics to be translated. They are done in the translator's user space and
moved to article space only after review by tamil wikipedians. So far 25
such articles have been translated and are waiting in the userspace for the
review to be completed.

Regarding the paid vs non-paid issue, this is one of the major bones of
contention in Ta Wiki. Volunteers get frustrated because paid translators
turn in shoddy work and repeated attempts to train them went nowhere. Now we
have limited the number of new google articles to something we think we can
manage. (25 in the past six months). But the quality still isn't something
what i would call a "professional translation". I personally have no great
hopes for this project. It is a distraction and saps valuable volunteer time
and effort which is better spent somewhere else in wikipedia. (personal
opinion, not ta wiki consensus)

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