Having been to a couple of meet ups when I was studying in Bangalore and now
being based out of Delhi, I cannot help but notice how petty this discussion
is becoming. Wikipedia being a free and open community, I don't see why
encouraging more activity in Delhi should be a problem at all. Let us not
bicker over juvenile politics and such. What I suggest is that enthusiastic
pioneers who wish to establish a Delhi chapter come up with a plan and ideas
about what they wish to do once it is started and running.
Also, the last time we had a Delhi meet up, more than half of them were
salesmen from their companies, out there to promote their brands. That
doesn't mean we stop having meet ups, but we find a more serious base, get
regular people actively involved, have a meeting agenda and then talk about
a chapter.
What do you say?

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 11:52 AM, mayur <mayur...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Its not a politics Game, its all about to give opportunities to all Indian
> Communities, North Indian Community has not grown so far and reason behind
> this is lack of Awareness of Wikimedia Foundation.Not Only Chapter But also
> Foundation Activities are Totally Focused towards South India.WE are not
> Blaming the chapter for this but A New Chapter in New Delhi will make more
> Opportunity to grow Wikimedia movement in the Biggest Educational City of
> India which has been completely Ignored by the Foundation and the India
> Chapter as well.
> Regards
> mayur
> On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 10:56 AM, <wheredevelsd...@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Having a new Delhi chapter could just be dropping a match in a haystack -
>> for a spate of new regional chapters all over India. All I see this creating
>> is politics and mayhem. It would be like the BCCI - 30+ state level
>> associations making up the national society. Something that we can avoid and
>> cut out the red tape/politics involved.
>> Further, I understand where the Delhi Community is coming from - what has
>> the chapter done for us thus far? How have they involved us? OK, they have
>> been a little slow, however note that the chapter registration was completed
>> just 5 months ago. My two bits worth on this situation:
>> 1. Our Involvement with the chapter: Membership. They have just opened up
>> membership recently, a very good way of getting involved is applying for it.
>> The fees have been kept low at Rs.100/- annually but if you feel thats too
>> much for you to spare contact the Chapter and Im sure they can sort
>> something out, it should not be a stumbling block.
>> 2. The chapter is not doing much: If you feel that way question the
>> Executive Committee (EC). If you are still not happy with their response
>> then take up the matter at the AGM later this year.
>> 3. We want something more locally: Lets be fair, it is not practically
>> possible for the EC members to do local groundwork everywhere in this large
>> country of ours. It would be difficult for them even if they were all paid
>> full time employees. As things stand, the EC is made up of honorary members
>> who have put in much hard work to get things to this level. However, let us
>> remember they also have their own commitments to look into, their own
>> families to feed. Maybe the chapter can appoint regional committees made up
>> of people from the region they represent to take up local functioning in the
>> area (Delhi in this case). This committee could directly report to the EC.
>> This way we could keep everyone happy - and stop the chapter from
>> disintegrating.
>> Hope this helps avert a mess.
>> Kind Regards,
>> User:AroundTheGlobe
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