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> Its not a politics Game, its all about to give opportunities to all Indian
> Communities, North Indian Community has not grown so far and reason behind
> this is lack of Awareness of Wikimedia Foundation.Not Only Chapter But also
> Foundation Activities are Totally Focused towards South India.WE are not
> Blaming the chapter for this but A New Chapter in New Delhi will make more
> Opportunity to grow Wikimedia movement in the Biggest Educational City of
> India which has been completely Ignored by the Foundation and the India
> Chapter as well.

There are a couple of disturbing bits in this thread. And, in fact
this whole theme of discussion. The first thing that jumps out is,
this statement "Foundation Activities are Totally Focussed Towards
South India". This does not have citations or, supporting arguments.
And, it does appear to be more of a personal (or, perhaps a small
group) opinion.

Till date, I have not read anything from the India chapter that makes
it extremely difficult to build up participant numbers in any region
of the country. Being a nascent organization and, generally finding
its feet, it would be pulled in different directions and, the members
will have different things on their plate. However, if there are
indeed proven circumstances where the organization/chapter in India
has been a hindrance towards regional activities, this isn't the best
way to go about discussing this.

Starting off or, re-activating a chapter/activity doesn't necessarily
require a regional body. I'd request to put priority to the former
task than consider the latter the bottleneck to it. There are means
and there are ends. A regional chapter/organization, at this point, is
neither the means, nor the end.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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