On Nov 12, 2011, at 6:55 PM, Swaroop Rao wrote:
> We used to have this mainspace-sandbox debate in the US Public Policy program 
> last semester, and we decided that the aim of the program was students 
> getting hands on community experience, and editing first in sandbox will not 
> give that kind of experience to students. However, considering the massive 
> problems we have had to face with India Education Program this year, I think 
> sandbox editing before going to mainspace would work out well here.

Maybe if we had limited the numbers to much lower than we had in Pune, and with 
a larger number of Campus Ambassadors from the very beginning, and with the 
full compliment of Online Ambassadors from the very beginning, and with select 
faculty, (and with a whole host of other learnings), the sandbox route could 
also have been made to work in Pune.  ...but I'm going ahead of myself because 
we are still analysing the results.

> But a sandbox in a Chapter hosted wiki doesn't seem right to me, because it 
> is almost totally disconnected from the ground realities at English 
> Wikipedia. Also, editing on an enwiki sandbox will enable better feedback 
> from various sources (perhaps from more experienced editors on enwiki), as 
> opposed to a local sandbox, where feedback is only from the selected pool of 
> Online Ambassadors.

My (personal) opinion is I agree with you on this.

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