> The PPI (or PPP, LOL) is indeed over. It concluded with the completion
> of the Stanton grant requirements, and has now evolved into the GEP,
> the Global Education Program. The IEP as I understand it is not over:
> contrary to the subjectline of this thread, it hasn't "died."

Thanks Sue, IEP surely is not Dead yet.

Also +1 to Shiju's idea regarding Article selection, this problem was faced
by my class too. I was managing Data Structures class, and the problem was
that plenty of Data Structures related articles are in good shape and we
didn't want to touch those. So it was getting difficult for professor and
students too for selecting their article, thus some of the topics were
later moved on too Wikibooks which was accepted by the professor in good

*Thus what I would like to suggest is that, if for example we sign one
class of Computer engineering department then the students of that class
should be free to select any article regarding Computer Engineering, and
the best place to start would be Wikiprojects like
etc, thus students will also get a chance to write about articles they like
and are interested in and Wikiprojects will also gain some momentum and who
knows we might get relatively better articles in there. Article selection
should not necessarily be from that subject only, students should have
freedom of selection of articles and professors must understand this
mutually. *

Please do think about it and share your views regarding it.

Arnav (ricku).
(User:Rangilo_Gujarati) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Rangilo_Gujarati>
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