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> On 13 November 2011 08:46, Bishakha Datta <bishakhada...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > As conceived, the IEP and its parent the PPP (pardon the acronyms), were
> > about contributing to wikipedia, about learning how to contribute, and
> about
> > having fun while learning.
> Hi Bishakha,
> This is a bit of a derail from your e-mail, but I wanted to clarify
> your use of the past tense (they *were* about contributing). I think
> the thread title here may be creating some confusion about what has
> actually happened. That, or else I may be confused myself :-)
Hey Sue,

I used 'were' not because I think IEP and yes, thanks, GEP :) are dead -
but to point out how they 'were' conceived.

Anyway, it's great that you clarified this, given the thread's title.

> The IEP as I understand it is not over:
> contrary to the subjectline of this thread, it hasn't "died." A number
> of schools have participated in the pilot phase of the IEP. My
> understanding is that the project has been mostly successful, except
> for one school, or set of schools, at which there were serious
> problems with plagiarism that, despite repeated efforts, the team
> couldn't get resolved.
> I'm hoping we'll hear more about the successes of the project, and
eventually come to a balanced understanding of what worked and what didn't.

At this stage, we're hearing much more about what didn't work, so it's hard
to assess the pilot meaningfully.

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