Good to see the progress the Assamese Wiki Community building, and the FAQ
set. Hoping to see the FAQ Booklet in PDF and more outreach activities, WCI
would work like a catalyst to promote. In fact Assamese people are
widespread all over India and quite conscious for language and literature.
So, that is a great way to reach to more language enthusiasts.


On 23 November 2011 17:53, Shiju Alex <> wrote:

> Dear Indic Wikimedia Community members,
> As part of the Indic Languages initiative of India 
> Programs<>,
> I have been having detailed discussions with a wide range of Indic language
> wikipedians for the past few weeks.  These discussions have been to build
> the understanding, provide insight, and explore opportunities to expand
> Indic language projects.  The end result of these discussions is to help
> identify language communities with whom we can collaboratively design
> pilots to drive our projects.
> These discussions have been conducted on IRC, one-on-one, group voice
> conversations, as well as through email questionnaires.
> Over the next few days, I am going to share a series of these with you.
>  The intention is to give you a sense of the kind of perspectives that
> exist within the overall Indic community, to share ideas and to generate
> discussion on potential ideas. Please note that I have edited the
> discussions to preserve confidentiality as well as to remove any
> particularly personal comments that might have been shared.
> Please do let me have your views on these discussions and do please join
> the debate on the talk page or on this mailing list or offline to me.
> For today, I am sharing the discussions with the *Assamese 
> community<>
> *.  The summary of this discussion is placed at:
> Assamese wikipedia community is a tiny but vibrant community - that is
> slowly building itself.  There is huge opportunity given that Assamese is
> spoken by more than 1.3 crore people. As we all know, there was not much
> progress in Assamese wiki community till recently. But now the situation is
> slowly changing after the arrival of few dedicated users.  And in this
> early stage, Assamese community show very promising potential. I remember
> discussing the importance of preparing a small FAQ in AS Wiki to help the
> new users. In no time few community members prepared a good FAQ 
> page<>for
>  the Assamese wiki. I am sure with the arrival of such dedicated users
> Assamese wiki is going to make good progress.
> Inviting your  active participation in these discussions (either on talk
> page or in this mailing list).
> Warm Regards,
> Shiju Alex
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