Dear Indic Language Wikimedia Community members,

As part of the Indic Languages initiative of India
I have been having detailed discussions with a wide range of Indic language
wikipedians for the past few weeks.  Yesterday I shared the summary of
discussions with few Assamese Wikipedians which helped us to understand the
current situation of  Assamese wikipedia.  Thank you for the discussions
and ideas that emerged on the mailing list and the talk page.

Today I'm particularly excited to share a summary of the discussions I've
been been having with *Hindi wikipedians*. It is available here:

I will be honest and confess that I was not sure about the level of
engagement I would have with Hindi wikipedians because the community is
relatively quiet in public forums.  I'm really pleased to report that I was
very pleasantly surprised by the broad-based, insightful, and constructive
communications.  Hindi community might be silent but they are active and
full of powerful ideas. We have seen wonderful Hindi wikipedians like
Anirudh in WCI. Even though the current community strength of Hindi
wikipedia might not be good cosidering the huge speaker base of Hindi, I am
sure the situation will change soon.

Even if you are not involved in Hindi projects, I invite you to read this
report because the points raised are applicable to all Indic languages.
 Personally, as someone who has been passionate about Indic languages for
many years now, I found the discussions very educative and informative and
thought-provoking.  I have learnt a lot from these discussions and I hope
you find them as useful as I have.  I want to thank Hindi community for
their time and their fantastic inputs.

Remember most of the issues the Hindi editors raised are applicable not
only to Hindi but for all the Indic languages. So it is important that
other Indic language communities take lessons from it while building the

As mentioned before, I've edited the discussions to protect confidentiality
as well as to remove any specific personal comments.

Inviting your  active participation in these discussions (either on talk
page or in the mailing lists).

Warm Regards,

Shiju Alex
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